Jensen was one of the 1st children enrolled at Footprints when they opened their doors in 2014. His brother Harley joined him the following year.
I feel extremely blessed to have found such a wonderful group of teachers and staff. Both Zune and Jenny (Directors of the School) are phenomenal! They have the perfect leadership combination of being emotionally sensitive to each parent and their child, as well as a fierce desire to push each child to their highest potential.
The teachers and helpers are inspiring and their love for the children as individuals shows every day. Their WhatsApp updates with pictures allow us to stay connected with the boys' activities while we are at work.
Now, as we prepare for Jensen and Harley to leave Footprints for 'Big School' our hearts are deeply saddened as it will be extremely difficult to leave the behind our Footprints family and friends.
You hear that the first five years are the most important and I could think of no better place to have given these boys a head start in life.  THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!

Vanessa Crichton


My daughter Tyler has been attending Footprints since 2015. From the very start the staff at Footprints, have been amazing. Jenny, Zune and staff have always been there for my daughter when I couldn’t be. It’s not always an easy decision to allow others to help you raise your children.  You have all always made this easier for me. I have missed many milestones while working, first crawl, first steps and “real” food, but these where always documented for us through pictures and video. I can never fully thank them enough for not just the care they have shown my daughter but also the love. To all the staff, Jenny & Zune thank you so much for looking after our Tyler.

Micheal & Natasha


You have been there for us from the beginning (+/- 8 Weeks) to now 4 years later.  You have played a vital role in molding Phelan in this very important time of her life.

Phelan loves going to school and tells everyone about her teachers and her friends.

Zune always makes time to listen to all Phelan's stories even if it is in the middle of the doorway while trying to unlock the door.

You have all been very accommodating and understanding.

We are truly grateful for everything you have done for our child.

Thank you

Lelani, Peter and Phelan


Tamara has been with Footprints for 2 years now and will be leaving to start her Grade R year.  We would like to thank Footprints so much for the work they have done in taking our daughter Tamara from where she was, a place of being not so confident and having difficulty with speech, to now being very confident and being able to express articulately in speech.

As a family, we are so proud that Footprints has taught our daughter to write her own name, sound letters and other life skills.  The friendliness, responsiveness, attention to detail and concern of all the teachers is a big plus. Thank you Footprints, keep the great standards up.
Sheila and Desmond


My son has been with Footprints for 2 years now.  He has flourished at Footprints.  He loves school and always comes home with something he has done at school to show me.  The teachers and teachers' aids are all very friendly and approachable and he has loved them all.  I have always felt welcome at the school and it has been easy to raise any concerns that I may have had. Thank you for all you have done in the foundation phase of his education.  He is ready for new adventures in "big school" and we will miss everyone at Footprints. 
Dr Kelly Marnewick


Kylie has been with Footprints since 8 months old.   She is 4½ and sadly, she will be leaving Footprints at the end of 2018 to make the move to the “BIG” school!  Since day one, Kylie was loved and cared for and the staff has become part of our family!  I cannot thank Zune, Jenny and their staff enough for all their love, support and guidance through the years! 

Kind regards
Salome Barnes



Hi Zune & Jenny,

I would really like to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Mason has really settled in at Footprints so quickly and absolutely loves it. He is excited to come to school in the mornings.

I have also noticed a big change already; I was amazed that in one week being in your care he is able to count to 10 in sequence. Yes, there is still the little mix up here and there but truly a huge improvement so far. I have also noticed that his speech has improved since being with you guys.

Thank you for being such amazing care givers & teachers to the children who attend your school.

Hope you have a fantastic day.



We recently moved to Northwold and we were lucky to hear about Footprints school. In this regard we took the decision to move our little boy to Footprints. I don’t think that moving schools is ever nice, not at any age and I was apprehensive of the impact this might have on Christiaan. From the moment I met Zune and visited the beautifully decorated and spotless school, I knew Christiaan would be happy.

Zune accepted my first-time mom jitters and makes me feel at ease every time I mention a nappy rash or a runny nose. Christiaan is a changed little boy, he is happier and much more relaxed -  all despite the change! He gets home in the afternoons exhausted from enjoying lots of time outside, being stimulated and benefitting from a routine which supports his needs. He clearly loves “his” Gladys  and we have only experienced warmth and commitment from everyone at the school.

What started out as a nerve-racking decision has turned into the best thing we could have done for ourselves and our little boy. Thank you Zune and Jenny for all that you do!

Karien and Carl


Footprints het van dag een af vir ons n “home away from home” gevoel gegee.  Dit was glad nie maklik om Kylie in die sorg van vreemdes te los nie, maar met Zune, Jenny en hulle ongelooflike span was ons verseker dat Kylie in goeie hande is.  Ons het na ander skooltjies gaan kyk, maar geen een kon vergelyk word nie.  Wat dadelik vir ons uitgestaan het by Footprints, is hoe skoon dit is, binne en buite, die speel plek, die veiligheid. 

Kylie is nou al 6 maande by Footprints en is ongelooflik gelukkig!  Sy kry baie liefde en aandag, haar individuele behoeftes word na omgesien en sodra iets nie lekker is nie, word ons gebel.   Sy gaan met oop armpies na enige iemand daar, en dit wys vir ons dat sy goed na gekyk word.  As ouers is ons baie terus gestel met Footprints se “open door policy” en dat daar altyd tyd gemaak word om met ons te chat.    Ons word elke oggend met ope arms en glimlaggende gesigte verwelkom.

To Zune, Jenny and the team we cannot say thank you enough for all the love and attention that Kylie gets, and for all the support when she is sick.  May all of you be blessed and may Footprints become everything that you have ever dreamed it will be.


Byron, Salomé en Kylie


As a mom the only thing you want in life for your precious babies is the peace of mind that the people taking care of them, love and care for them as if they were their own.
I can confidently say that Zune and Jenny plus all the staff excel in this. I am so thankful that my son has your beautiful school to look forward to everyday. Sometimes I wish he would stay 2 so that he never has to leave Little Footprints.

Natalie Wood


We sent our little one Sebastian to Footprints in May 2015 and we cannot explain enough how this has changed our lives.  Sebastian was 9 months old when we sent him.  He has changed from being a quiet little boy to now a confident and happy little boy.  It’s amazing to see how he has grown and developed since we have sent him to Footprints.   When we pick him up and drop him off he is so happy smiling and playing.   It makes things so much easier to know that your child is happy at school.  He loves the teachers and the assistants.   They have such a great impact in his life and they are just so wonderful to him and to us as parents.

Not only is Footprints a school but a home for my little one.  It is so nice to walk in and it smells like home and so clean and looked after.  Thank you Zune, Jenny, Jessica and all the assistants -you are such a blessing in our lives.  Thank you for looking after our little as if it’s your own child.

Romy and Michael Van Staden


Dear Zune and Jenny

We moved into the area in April and we're looking to place our 14 month old in a crèche, after a first failed attempt when he was 4-5months at another crèche. It was by chance that we drove past Footprints Pre-School and decided to call and set an appointment to view the crèche. 

We were very impressed with both Zune and Jenny, and the transparent and open approach in the communication, as well as the crèche layout and facilities. We decided then and there that we felt this was a good environment for our son, Quinn.

We were a bit concerned about Quinn's reaction and settling in given our experience almost a year prior. It was in vain, Quinn settled in extremely quickly, and from week two at footprints, Quinn would happily "lead" us into the premises without any hesitation.  On the way to Footprints in the car in the mornings he is always in good spirits, as well as on the way home and at home.  To us this behaviour is evidence of our son being treated well and feeling comfortable and "loved" in this environment.

Of course, we also collect and drop at different times, and your open policy further adds a sense of comfort as we walk in at any time (after lunch and nap), and get to see Quinn where and what Quinn is doing. 

We are very grateful and happy to have found Footprints for Quinn.  Your love of working with and for the children clearly comes through.

Thanks Zune and Jenny
We can go about our day knowing our son is truly cared for!!

Frank and Ingrid


Hi Zune and Jenny

My little one has been home for his first 2 years with a nanny and we saw that he needed social interaction and stimulation.  We started looking for a decent school for him but were not satisfied with any of the schools in our area until we found Footprints.

From his first day at Footprints he was happy and he still is.  In the mornings he is extremely excited to go to school.  Not once has he complained that he did not want to go.   Footprints has such a lovely environment that made it very easy for him to adapt from day one. He did not even cry when I left him there on his first day.

From a parent’s perspective we feel that he has grown extremely quickly due to all the new things that they are taught each day.  He now does things I did not even think he could do.   He learns so much and he enjoys every moment of it.   I would definitely recommend Footprints for little ones, especially babies.  You should see their nursery area.   It is absolutely beautiful and everything is always squeaky clean. The environment is lovely and the teachers are very kind teachers.  Thank you so much Footprints for having our little one and teaching him so well!  He is so happy there!"

Marlene Oosthuizen


It was the beginning of the year 2014 when my husband and I decided to place our 1 year and 3 month old baby girl in a Pre-School.

We met the owners and viewed the premises and liked what we saw and we both agreed that they did have a genuine passion for children.

Right from the first day of “drop-off”, I was welcomed to an absolutely friendly and warm environment, which helped me overcome those first-time panics of leaving child with total strangers.

It’s been six month now, and I have absolutely no regrets. On the contrary, I have seen tremendous improvement in my child’s development, both mentally and physically.  Her speech has also greatly improved.

Also, the regular and detailed feedbacks I get about my child’s performance only goes to assure me that every child is monitored and given quality attention.

… and best of all are the collection of pictures I get of my baby monthly -  it makes me feel like I am there with her at crèche always, even though I am actually here at work.

Thank you to all Footprints Pre- School Staff.

Lola Salako


We drove around from day care to day care thinking wow is this really what we want to do?  

Is this the environment our little girl has to grow up in?  Messy, too many children, dirty, harmful, does not seem as if the children is being cared for etc.  We were about to give up, until we walked into Footprints Pre-School.   It was like a kiddie heaven…clean, neat, child friendly, age appropriate toys and playgrounds, beautifully painted rooms, no sharp edges, no harm  …pure peacefulness and not too many children to care for.  

When the staff showed us around the Pre-School we immediately knew this is where we want our child to be and could not wait for our little girl to start.  There is not a day that goes by where we as parents have to wonder if our child is in good hands.  We know she is in good hands.  Since our daughter has been at Footprints she has grown into an independent, full of confidence little girl.  We would not exchange that for the world.

Footprints also takes photos of all the precious moments that we as parents miss out on during the day and week, which is really special and we get to see what our child is up to and how she plays and interacts with others during the day, very special.

We are blessed to have found Footprints.

Aric Ter-Markarian & Zenobia Ter-Markarian


Our family cannot begin to express our gratitude for all the hard work, effort, love and dedication shown to our little one.

This was our first experience with Pre-School and we could not have chosen a better place for him to grow, learn and develop his early learning and social skills.

As a mom returning to the workplace, you gave me and my family the confidence and trust we were looking for in a school.  It is a very difficult decision to leave your children with people whom you barely know, but you reassuring and understanding made the decision very easy.

We thank you so much for all of the love and support you show our family.  It is truly appreciated.

Kind regards


My son (Jensen 16 Months) who joined Footprints Preschool when it opened now heads right across the room to join his friends without a hesitation.

I feel secure in knowing that each and every day he is going to a place that is not only nurturing, warm and kind but has a great learning environment with intimate class sizes.

The teachers and staff of Footprints always cater for my child’s individual needs, and are sweet, patient and devoted to each child.

We appreciate the fact that Zune and Jenny are always available to answer questions or concerns we may have.

To know that my son has a ‘Family’ away from home and that he feels content and safe in his daily environment means the world to us.

It’s great knowing he loves it there as much as we do.   I would highly recommend Footprints to any parent who feels their child deserves the best.   

Kind Regards
Chelsey Crichton


Ons seun is by Footprints vanaf die dag dat hulle oopgemaak het - en ons is vanaf die eerste dag af dankbaar dat ons hom soontoe gestuur het. Zune, Jenny en hulle span is altyd hulpvaardig en sorg goed vir ons seun. Ons weet elke dag ons los ons kind in goeie hande! Dankie almal by Footprints!

Petrus en Annemarie van Wyk


When our 14 month old daughter falls out of our arms in the morning to start her school day, or complains in the afternoon when we collect her to go home, then we know that we made the right choice in enrolling her at Footprints Pre-School!

The entire environment is bright and clean and happy and the owners, Zune and Jenny are professional in running their business - while ensuring that they create a home away from home for their little ones.

We know that our precious child is well cared for in a small, nurturing environment while we are at work.

Mike and Lee Oliver


Hi Zune and Jenny

Tiffany and I would like to thank you and your team for how you’ve helped raising our son, Giovanni.

We have noticed that he has become more obedient and has a path that he is following.  He has learned a lot.  Yes he still mumbles but we can understand some of his sentences.

Basically we are thankful that we found you guys by luck while driving around looking for a Pre-School.  As soon as we drove in and saw the way in which your school was conducted, we felt safe and proud to have our little one join in on the fun.

Thank you to you and Jenny.  Thank you for your dedication.

Regards Christian and Tiffany
Giovanni and soon to join, Marco


We have had a wonderful experience at Footprints  Pre-School.    Our daughter has been at the school for 4 months and in that time her social skills have improved and she has flourished into a more interactive child.

Thanks to all the hard working staff for creating a loving environment.
Kind Regards
Nicola Thuynsma





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